Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jury voting

I love to hear alternatives to our system of voting and/or our system of government. There are so many good ideas out there that are unlikely to happen just because we are so set in our way of doing things. Substantial improvements could occur in the governing process if there was a way to experiment with some of these ideas. I like this idea that I read about today: jury voting.

I wish there was a way to test ideas like this and see how they would work in the real world.

Love this quote:

Modern politics is just as you should expect it to be when votes are cast by ignorant people taking advantage of a low-cost source of emotional gratification.

That seems to describe both the average voter and average political figure fairly well under the current framework.


Anonymous said...

The system works this way by design, FM. Look at the referendum effort -- get people involved in an issue, educated, they read about it, note what's going on and form an opinion, then vote intelligently.


They WANT the voters to be ill-informed. They don't want big turnout numbers!

As much as D's and R's complain about each other, the insiders want the status quo and will do everything in their power to stomp out serious challengers.

Anonymous said...

I usually disagree with you. I'll cosign this, though. Most people vote based on issues that do not personally affect them (abortion/religion). One ignoramus convinces another ignoramus that they're the political messiah (re: Brown in Massachusetts) and there you have an election. Look at the blurbs about the referendum items we receive when we go to vote. 3 sentences on issues that impact where income tax dollars are spent.

The entire process is insulting.