Sunday, February 21, 2010

Get your fermentation on

I'm not the biggest fan of public libraries, but I did notice that the Glenwood Branch has a "Science of Homebrew" class coming up on March 8th. You have to register for it in advance. I make beer and wine from time to time, and it's a lot of fun (also a lot of work cleaning bottles, pots, etc.) This might be a good class for a newbie to see if it's something worth trying.


Anonymous said...

What could you possibly have against public libraries?

I'm beginning to think you need to make like Thoreau and pull a Walden.

Freemarket said...

Here's an idea: do a search and see what I have written about libraries. In a nutshell, they destroy wealth when they are not run for a profit or privately funded.

I think you need to come back from the woods into civilization!