Saturday, January 23, 2010

Slow news week

The latest edition of "And Then There's That" was pretty good. The guest was Allan "AK47" Kittleman (OK, I made up that nickname). I agree with much of the fiscal restraint and anti regulation message that Sen. Kittleman spoke of. He even stated that he does not support the bill that would cap the number of liquor stores that Dels. Guzzone and fellow Republican Miller have sponsored. That shocked the heck out of me, frankly. I guess the Kittleman/Bates/Miller trifecta is not as unified as I thought.

One of the topics was the three most popular articles on Explore Howard. Those articles perhaps explain why I did not post anything this week- it was a very slow news week locally. The front page story on Explore Howard as I write this is an article about how Verizon does not broadcast all the Caps games. Really? Front page? All the interesting stuff happened nationally with Ted Kennedy's senate seat going to a republican and, perhaps more interesting than that, the fact that Fed Chairman Bernanke's confirmation is on the ropes. The most interesting thing locally is all of the CB58/59 public hearings, but I have very little interest in that minutia.


Anonymous said...

What's happening locally as well as nationally is that any politician who's in danger of loosing his/her seat in 2010 is siding with voters, and the remainder are ignoring us as usual.