Sunday, January 31, 2010

Campaign Finance Database

The Baltimore Sun has an article on campaign contributions. Ken Ulman leads the pack by a long shot, with over $900,000 in contributions received since the last election. Who gave Ulman $6,000? How much did Virgin Mobile give to Ulman? You can find the answers to those questions, and questions you may have about any other candidate, by searching the campaign finance database.

Spoiler alert: Howard County Home Builders PAC gave Ulman $6,000, and Virgin Mobile gave $4,000. But no special favors were given for those contributions, of course.


Anonymous said...

There's definitely some interesting stuff in that database. Calvin Ball's fundraiser last year netted an overwhelming turnout of the most suspect developers in the county.


Anonymous said...

It looks like many of the same checks went to all of the incumbents. What’s so interesting about Ball, other than the fact that he is the only one with an announced challenger? I’m curious what dots anon 2:16 is connecting.

Jen said...

Expect the "favors-donations continuum" to expand in light of the USSC's decision in Citizens United. It seems maybe "we" didn't want campaign finance so much after all. The money may now flow freely from corporation to candidate or political party, but there must be disclosure. I doubt this will shed volumes of light on Washington (unless you believe that special interests do not shape and mold policy and that our trusted lawmakers still fill that role). If you don't believe DC lobbyists reach further than the beltway, you're kidding yourself.