Saturday, December 12, 2009

Walking in a Krylon Wonderland

The county removed the graffiti panels from the skate spot at Centennial North. I have to say, the skate park sans graffiti panels, while still trashy looking, is a significant improvement from what it looked like before.

The Department of Rec and Parks is monitoring the graffiti and removing images that are vulgar or profane. Below is a shot of some of the "art" at the skate spot. This exact same drawing was at the park when I visited six weeks ago, so I presume this image did not meet the Department of Rec and Parks definition of vulgar or profane, which says a lot:

This is how the Howard County Government maintains assets that our tax dollars paid for. You would think that with a $30 million parks department budget, they could do better than this. You'd be wrong, of course.