Sunday, December 27, 2009


This video, while certainly not a scientific study, provides good evidence that it's easy to lead people into signing absurd petitions. This has local relevance in regards to the anti-Harris Teeter petition that grocery store labor unions and others were gathering signatures for.

Not everyone signs, but many people do. What kills me is the woman who first appears at the 1:53 mark who ends up signing. Ughhh.


Anonymous said...

Again, FM, you're backward. The harm done by not allowing petitions is so eggregious that it threatens our democratic rule.

The harm in signing a petition that allows voters to see an issue is null.

Man, you are batting zero.

Freemarket said...

Keep attacking those straw men, anon!

Anonymous said...

This is what crazy people like Marc Norman and Mona B. bet on to clog government from doing anything, even while using due process. The maniacal tyranny of a very few. It’s a shame that in a county of almost 300,000 about 100 people try to slow down everything.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:40, Mona had nothing to do with the petition. WTF are you talking about?

Ed said...

Anon 5:40, is this how you characterize everyone who disagrees with your divine view?

Why don't you make a New Year's resolution to burn the Constitution and Bill of Rights? After all, it's clear that those tenets of American democracy are foreign to you.

WTF said...

Let's change the right to vote or sign a petition by instituting a literacy test and mandating that everyone must prove that they understand all facets of the issue in question.

Now that I think about it.... let's require every voter to understand and recite the position that each candidate has taken.

That's the problem with democracy. It's messy and people who don't agree with me are allowed to vote.