Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Own it

I just noticed that the Department of Recreation and Parks has a photo on its website of someone using the skate park, but the photo was taken before the skate park was spray painted in graffiti. It seems strange that the Department of Rec and Parks would claim to embrace the graffiti as urban art, but not mention one word about it on their website or have such a misleading photo of the park.

If their policy is to let anyone who cares to do so spray paint the skate park, while at the same time stereotyping all skaters as Krylon-toting outlaws, they should at least have the courage to own that policy and have pictures of it on their website. Jeez.

I'm sure it's only a matter of time before they embrace profanity as urban poetry and motorcycles as urban bicycles.


Anonymous said...

On top of all the obvious issues that you have mentioned about the graffiti, my son tells me that it makes the park more "slippery" for skating, and thus a hazard for young skaters, particularly.

Anonymous said...

Ulman will spin anything to make himself look good, from his CV to the graffiti.