Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's like this and like that

Be sure to check out "And Then There's That", a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Wordbones and a local attorney. The first show included a discussion of the push to limit liquor licenses, a chat with a political guru about local politics, and ended by asking random people in Lakeside Cafe about Jim Rouse's vision. The hosts had great rapport and the show is very entertaining. It's only a half hour long and well worth the time.

Listen to the show


Anonymous said...

But how do you know that they didn't edit out the random opinions that do not agree with them? I really do not believe they'd put something out there that someone like me would say.

wordbones said...


Thanks for the shout out.

Anon 12:12 PM,

Don't be so paranoid. Give us try.