Friday, November 27, 2009


I am still trying to digest all the “climategate” hoopla, and it is a pretty significant development for those interested in science and the politics of global warming. Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence, and it seems like there is enough evidence uncovered to suggest that the alleged scientific consensus was oversold. It was a pretty good argument to make that since the global warming skeptics weren't published in peer reviewed scientific journals, those skeptics shouldn't be taken seriously. We know now that there was political maneuvering going on to pressure scientific journals to publish only those papers from non-skeptics.

I was never very skeptical of the warming trends or even that the trends were caused by humans, although I was always skeptical of how the government would be able to do anything to reverse the trends. Now I am extremely interested in what the skeptics have to say.


Anonymous said...

Climategate? What about those heavily edited scientific memoranda from the last administration? Climategate my arse.