Monday, October 26, 2009

Possible Ulman Challenger

It looks like Ken Ulman may have competition from Trent Kittleman, a 64 year old woman who is the stepmother of Allan Kittleman. I really don't know anything about her except that her last name will certainly help her raise some money. According to Wordbones, it takes about a million bucks to run for County Executive in Howard County. Approximately 107,000 voters turned out for the last election in which a County Exec was chosen. If each candidate for CE spends a million bucks this year, the cost per vote is approaching $20.

Politics is an expensive game.


Anonymous said...

How much money did Ulman spend to get elected to the County Council in the first place? I remember seeing TV ads for Ulman for a local council race. Mary Kay didn't stand a chance.

Ulman has the Democratic establishment behind him. His father was the Commissioner of Racing.