Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hearing on the tanning regulation

The Board of Health is having a hearing on the proposed tanning regulation (.pdf).

When: Tuesday, November 10, 2009
6:00 PM

Howard County Health Department
(Administration Entrance)
7178 Columbia Gateway Drive
Columbia, MD 21046
Hearing room to be posted in lobby

If you wish to testify at the hearing, please sign-up inside the hearing room beginning one-half hour before the hearing. Please provide 11 copies of your written testimony. If you cannot attend the hearing but want to comment, please send your written comments to Glenn E. Schneider, Executive Secretary, Board of Health, 7178 Columbia Gateway Drive, Columbia, MD 21046. You may also email your comments to All public comments must be received at the above address or by email no later than 12:00 PM on November 10, 2009.

Let's see: you can snail mail testimony, waste an hour or more there in person, or e-mail your comments. Yay e-mail!


Anonymous said...

Check on whether or not email becomes a part of the record. Sometimes it is read, but disregarded as part of the permanent record.