Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Anniversary HHAP

The Healthy Howard Access Plan celebrated its one year anniversary of operations on October 1st. I'll be curious to see any financial and other reports that are produced by the plan, so we can see exactly how our tax dollars have been spent and for what benefit. The plan was budgeted to spend $500,000 of tax money to help about 2,000 people. Thus far, the plan has helped somewhere around 400 people, and an additional $500,000 in tax dollars have been committed to the plan for next year. So far, taxpayers are into this plan for $1 million, so it will be interesting to see exactly what results have been achieved. A million dollars is a lot of money that could be put to many other uses.

Without results, the second year of HHAP will be the last.


Anonymous said...

Stop asking sensible questions, this is all about CNN and Ulman's elevated stature.

When are we going to have the courage to stop electing these people? It's up to the voters, and we have no one to blame but each other and ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Who says the Ulman/Bielenson HHAP mess will stop this year? One million dollars is nothing to these two Big Government Advocates.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. When we elected a 34-year old with no management experience and a fluffy CV, I can't believe we would get such a poorly managed and fluffy initiative.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that Baltimore County and Montgomery County have had several H1N1 clinics, while Howard County has apparently not allocated sufficient funding to buy enough vaccines?

Oh, and the HoCo H1N1 hotline for "up-to-the minute info" has a recording that is over 1 week old.

Less money for HHAP, more for H1N1.