Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Exceedingly Slow

Food for thought in thinking about how the Federal government can make health care cheaper or more efficient (from the Health Department website):

The demand this year for seasonal flu shots/FluMist is high both locally and across the country. Federal distribution channels are exceedingly slow causing a challenge to the number of vaccines local agencies like Howard County are able to immediately receive. Due to demand for vaccine being so high and received number of doses so low, the Clinic was forced to close to newly arriving cars a full hour and a half earlier than expected.

Not that the Federal government has ever lowered costs by getting involved in any industry.

Update: The feds dropped the ball on the swine flu vaccine as well. According to an article in Explore Howard, Bielenson expected to receive 50,000 doses of the H1N1 vaccine from the feds, but received only 2,000.


Anonymous said...

So why would we want the Federal government to run health care if they can't provide a simple flu shot.

Freemarket said...

Well, in fairness the feds don't want to "run" health care. But any involvment whatsoever from them will be a complete failure.