Friday, September 18, 2009

The Skate Park has been redecorated

I finally had an opportunity to see the skate spot at Centennial Park North firsthand. I was struck by two things: 1. the skate spot is very small and 2. the skate spot is covered in graffiti.

Having the entire skate park covered in graffiti sends the signal that no one is in charge and that no one cares how the place looks. I'd like to see all the politicians who showed up for a photo op on opening day back for a second round of photos on the newly redecorated equipment.

The skate spot is "managed" by the Department of Recreation and Parks.

Update: I found this Howard County based graffiti blog which has more pics of the skate park. It describes the graffiti at the skate park as the "...crazyist shit in Ellicott City." You can even ask the blogger to leave you a tag!


Anonymous said...

Oh come on. You want to legalize drugs which wreck cars and lives, but graffiti is over the top?

Don't even go the alcohol comparison route. Just because we have one legal way of becoming intoxicated doesn't mean we should open the flood gates to more ways.

Freemarket said...

I encourage you to learn more about the war on drugs. Look at the results of the prohibition on alcohol vs. the effects of legalization. Was it better for society to have people with tommy guns settling disputes between rival gangs, or is it better to have rival corporations settling peacefully settling disputes with lawyers? Will the drugs themselves be safer when they come from corporations who can be sued, or from some hopper who stands on the corner? Is it better to give violent criminals a lucrative source of tax free income, or to have legitimate business people paying taxes?