Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Exxon to reopen

The Exxon at Broken Land and LPP is gearing up to open under new
management. And with any luck, maybe some lower prices, too.


Anonymous said...

While it is a fairly heave local news week, the most read article on the explorehoward.com patuxent site - the most read paper in Howard, is the story about the couple getting arrested at the mall for sexual activity in the parking lot.

It does raise a few questions, if not a few eyebrows. Is this what we should be guarding against? Were they inside the car? Were they visible to people not nearby, was it out in the open where children can see? Arrested? Why so harsh? Were they married, to each other? How old were they? How many others without arrest records have behaved similarly and not been arrested? Who called it in? I can't imagine calling the police and expecting to have someone arrested for this.

Anonymous said...


I would bet the arrested couple were in the open and plainly visible to the many office buildings that surround the mall. There is more of that activity going on in plain sight at the mall lots than you may imagine and if they were arrested, I suspect it was obvious. Not a good idea for a family mall.

Freemarket said...

If you want to have sex in public, just go to the public library like everyone else. Jeez.