Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another dog shooting and a lawsuit

A Columbia couple is suing Howard County for $5 million after their dog was shot in a botched raid. No, this is not the raid that occurred in Elkridge in which the Howard County Police shot a dog in January of this year. This is a separate dog shooting by the Howard County Police. This lawsuit stems from a mistaken drug raid in January of 2008 in Columbia.

Both cases are similar in that the raids occurred during the month of January (one year apart almost to the day), and in each case the raid was on the home of people who had done nothing wrong.

This lawsuit also alleges a fair amount of police brutality to the owners of the home and even their son:

When Henderson’s son James asked why they had shot the dog, police handcuffed him, drug him down the steps and threw him over the balcony to the hallway floor where they began stepping on his back with their boots, the lawsuit alleges.

When James Henderson continued to ask why the police shot his dog, an officer pointed his gun at Henderson’s head, saying, “If you say one more word I’m going to blow your ... head off,” the suit alleges.

It is really sad that this kind of thing would happen in Howard County of all places. We pay a lot of taxes to provide our police force with the best equipment and training, and they even enjoy the benefits of being unionized (such as higher wages). I recall from when the now defunct Examiner used to publish the salaries of county employees, it was not uncommon to see HoCo police officers making $100,000+ per year.

And now, police tactical teams have shot two dogs during two mistaken raids in two years. This is one hot mess.


Anonymous said...

This is not sad, it's a police state. Unfortunately the police are not trained, or have a twisted culture of hating dogs.

Anonymous said...

It's only going to end in people hunting down cops and shooting them right back. Howard County police forget that they're outgunned and out numbered.