Thursday, April 30, 2009

Picture time

Both Wordbones and Columbia Compass recently blogged about the expansion of the Columbia Presbyterian Church. While Wordbones took a more agnostic approach to whether or not approval for the expansion was good or bad, Columbia Compass seemed to lean toward the approval as a bad decision. The post that he wrote in response to the church expansion is quite good. In fact, he has some great photos of the traffic on Ten Mills road near 108, which is right around the corner from the church. Traffic concerns are why many neighbors oppose the church expansion.

Frankly, I was surprised to see that much traffic on that road. So surprised in fact, that I made a point to take that way home. At about 6:00pm, this was the view from Ten Mills Road looking past the intersection with West Running Brook towards the light at Rt. 108.

The mild traffic in the above photo is a significant contrast to the photos that appear at Columbia Compass. During the time this photo was taken, traffic on Rt. 108 was pretty heavy. Obviously, Columbia Compass has documented evidence that the traffic on Ten Mills can be congested as well and I am not trying to dismiss anything that he wrote. But I would use caution in drawing a hasty conclusion from his photos, because there are times (even during rush hour traffic) when traffic volume is light on that road.


Anonymous said...

WB, keep in mind that most people do not have your flexible schedule.

We're working full time and have children and appointments, lessons, etc...

We're all out on the roads at the same time, which is where the perspective on heavy traffic originates.

FreeMarket said...

Bambi, keep in mind that my photo was taken within one hour (5 o'clock as opposed to 6 o'clock, although not taken on the same day) of the photos that appear at Columbia Compass.