Sunday, April 19, 2009

Non sequitur poster child

The Choose Civility program has produced a series of posters featuring people from the community supporting some of the so-called 25 rules for considerate conduct that underly Choose Civility. The posters take the format of a picture of someone in the community, with a quote from that person which embodies the particular rule for considerate conduct that they are advocating for.

One of these posters does not make much sense to me. It happens to be the poster featuring Ken Ulman (.pdf). Ken is supposed to be advocating for rule #3, "assume the best". This is the quote from Ulman telling us why we should "assume the best":

I think the key to our success is the strength of our community. As individual threads, each is susceptible to breaking. But when woven into a fabric, our strength is unparalleled. It is truly an honor to serve this great county.

That is great political rhetoric and all, but what on Earth does that have to do with assuming the best? This poster is completely non sequitur. If anything, that seems to weakly represent rule #5, be inclusive. However, the actual poster produced for rule #5 is much better than this one.

I don't know anything about how the quotes were selected. I assume that Ulman did not specifically approve this quote for this purpose, but rather someone took a round quote and used it fill a square hole. However it was done, the resulting poster is rather strange.