Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's missing? Just the material facts.

The Baltimore Sun ran an editorial about the Healthy Howard Access Plan. The editorial even opined that the $500,000 program should be renewed for next year. What did it leave out? The fact that HHAP has hardly attracted any qualified enrollees in the program, that's all.

According to the editorial, 3,000 people have applied for health insurance through HHAP. Last I read, fewer than 150 qualified for the program. The benefits that the editorial promoted had nothing to do with HHAP, they had to do with a software program developed by a California company that links the uninsured to government sponsored health insurance programs. The HHAP hasn't actually done anything to justify its existence.


Anonymous said...

Newspapers can look in the mirror for the reason they're struggling.

The Sun is not worth reading if Howard County news, or truth is what you're looking for. The Howard section has ~8,000 "readers", but that number is dropping and 8,000 receive the paper but I suspect many like me are getting fed up with the cheer leading rather than objective reporting. Also, there's little if any *news*. They don't investigate or even research, or maybe they research so much that nothing of interest ever gets printed.