Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you

Howard County Police Chief William McMahon finally spoke publicly about the tactical team raid on an innocent man’s home that resulted in the murder of an equally innocent family pet. The officers were hoping to recover a Sig Sauer assault rifle that was stolen from a police car. I was surprised to learn that this tactical team was used 108 times during 2008.

McMahon said that since Howard County began its tactical team in 1975, “probably there’s been some expanded use, but I think there’s reason for that. There’s a higher propensity for violence.

“Many of these search warrants are drug-related. And I think there’s a higher correlation now between drug activity, drug transactions and weapons.”

I wonder if Chief McMahon would have that quasi-grin on his face if he had the acuity to understand the reason there is violence associated with drug activity is precisely because drugs are illegal. McMahon’s job is to enforce laws, not editorialize about them. But can he really be so ignorant as to not comprehend that the reason drug dealers carry guns is because they cannot rely on their attorneys to peacefully settle disputes? Nor can they rely on police to protect them and their property? The social ills that result from drug activity are because of drug laws, not in spite of them.

I’d hardly be surprised if some drug dealer stole the Sig Sauer assault rifle from the police car in the first place. Few others would find that rifle worth the trouble.

Although no one from the police department has apologized to the homeowner for assaulting him, invading his home and shooting his dog, McMahon assures us that no one "feels good" about the dog's death. How arrogant.


Anonymous said...

I looked at my puppy last night and thought about this story. He's getting bigger and I know better than to think outrageous things only happen to other people.

When we got tasers, I knew we were in bad shape, but no public response. No one is doing anything to advance sanity in law enforcement and soon people are going to believe the unbelievable things that have been happening, but are under-reported.

On the drug item, I almost started to consider the rosy scenario of legalized drugs that you painted. But then you said something about stealing the gun again, and I shook off the siren song with a cold bucket of ice water supplied by the knowledge that those who'll break laws in one respect, have no respect, and will break laws regardless. Anyone who can shoot a person can't be rehabilitated by repealing a law. If drugs are legal, they'll still behave violently and will still steal, maybe guns. Hey, when is the last time you depended on your atty to fix something for you? Not miracle workers, those.

Freemarket said...

Anon- in your estimation, was alcohol prohibition in the 1920’s effective? How is drug prohibition any different?

jim adams said...

F.M., prohibition, had it's positive side.

Joe Kennedy, warehoused imported scotch, and after prohibition was lifted, his business venture in the scotch business greatly helped him become the 12th richest man in the U.S.

Thus he could afford to make his son, John, president, his son Robert, could run for president, and his son Edward could be a lifetime senator.

I have not been able to do that well for my kids.

But then, I don't like scotch.