Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This is just scary

The scariest thing I read today:

State Del. Elizabeth Bobo, who voted for the bill last week and against it today, agreed.

“I did not vote (on Feb. 11) the way I intended to,” she said. “I thought we were voting on the soil conservation bill. That’s not responsible of me, but it’s the truth.”

State Del. Frank Turner, who proposed the reconsideration, had the same explanation for his votes.

Liz Bobo and Frank Turner appear to have no idea what they were voting on. When Gail Bates makes you look bad, you know you screwed up.


jim adams said...

F.M., I was in Annapolis today. I heard State Del. Elizabeth Bobo mention her error, and she admitted it at the delegation meeting in front of each and everyone present. She also mentioned that, that was the first time in her public career she had done something like that.

If you read and discussed as many different bills as the delegates do, I think you would agree that it is the kind of error that might occur at least once in a long public career.

I trust both Liz Bobo and Frank Turner in their decision process, having watched both of them over the last few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Liz Bobo is the kind of politician who puts service to the constituency first. I'm not in her district, but she stays in constant contact with everyone who cares to communicate - whether you're on social security, or whether you are a 'player'. She treats everyone the same and if we had more like her we could prop up the staggering Democracy that exhorbitant campaign money has rendered a game for the wealthy.

Not that I agree with her positions. Trust is more important than position on issues because it allows everyone the same chance. In her district, her positions likely genuinely reflect those of her constituency.

If you can't trust someone, any kind of relationship is futile, even that of citizen to politician.

Freemarket said...

What would happen to a pharmacist who was as casual with which patient got which pill as some of these Delegates are about which bill they are voting on? Even if that pharmacist had a long career of professionalism and accuracy? It’s hardly any wonder why we have such stupid laws on the books when it is apparently too difficult for these folks to understand which bill they are voting on.

jim adams said...

F.M. you are addressing human nature. There will always be the casual individual.

The casual pharmacist will loss their licence, the casual politician, their elected seat.

That is why we seek accountability and transparency, and why we review performance to measure intent and the individual's record.

Stupid laws can be reversed, and are when they are the result of human nature guided by mistake.

Anonymous said...

Let's be realistic. Casual politicians stay in office for a lifetime. That's just the way it is when the mainstream media treats 3rd parties like a mental disease and money equals votes.

Liz Bobo is the least casual. Talk to Guzzone and Turner about their change in votes: They were casual.

jim adams said...