Thursday, February 5, 2009

No Knockin' on Heaven's door

The Keystone cops, er, the Howard County Police received some really bad press today. They served a no-knock warrant on a local man because they thought he had a weapon that was stolen from a police car. Turns out the gentleman did not have anything stolen or illegal and no arrest was made nor any charges filed against him. The police did, however, shoot and murder the man’s Australian cattle dog. Just to recap, the Howard County Police Department shot and killed a family pet while serving a no-knock warrant on a man who was innocent of any wrong doing. Nice job, officers.

Let’s back up for a second. Awhile ago it was reported that two unmarked police cars were broken into in Elkridge and a weapon was stolen, although the type of weapon was not identified. It turns out that it was a Sig Sauer rifle similar to the one pictured below:

According to the original article reporting the theft, the rifle was “secured in an interior rack in the car”. Presumably, the rifle was clearly visible to an outsider looking into the vehicle. Would you, dear reader, store your $150 iPod like that? Would you store a $1,000 laptop like that? Would you store a $2,000 semi-automatic Sig Sauer assault rifle like that? If you were a HC Police Officer, the answer to the last question is a definite yes. Now, the weapon is in the hands of criminals that the HCPD thinks are dangerous enough to justify the need for the HCPD to use such a weapon in the first place. Oh yeah, and the police still don't know where the rifle is. But, there is at least one less dog you have to worry about urinating in your yard. Nice job, officers.


Anonymous said...

Howard County cops are total clowns. It is against the law for a citizen to leave a weapon in an unattended car, but bone head cops can do so.

What are these wann be heroes even doing with this rifle? Just wasted money on the latest toy. What was wrong with the old weapons. A 5.56 round has the same effect on a target no mater what it is fired from. Just a total waste of money on police toys.

I still can't believe Howard County has a swat team. No that is a total waste of money. Circus clowns at best. I wish this outfit had adult supervision.

jim adams said...

I remember in the 1960's, a bumper sticker which said if you don't want to call a pig (cop/police) call a hippie.

I will admit that there are cops who want to be heroes, or even modern day wild west cowboys, but if any man or woman is willing to stand between me and a bullet, or willing to protect my family, I will put up with the few mistakes they make, and bite my lip, instead of complaining.

Unless of course, I can count on you Anon 5:32 to take that bullet.

Anonymous said...

There are serious questions that need to be answered. Didn't the police stake out the house? Didn't they know about the dog? Why did they terrorize this family and their 12 year old daughter? Why didn't they wait until the family had left for work/school before breaking down the door and searching the house?

jim adams said...

I agree anon 11:33
you offer constructive criticism.