Thursday, January 8, 2009

Second thoughts on the tennis thing

I think I may have been far too easy on the group that wants to build a $20 million tennis facility. The Sun article is written very ambiguously, and when I read it the first time I got the impression that the group basically wanted to lease land from the County and provide all the funding to build the tennis facility privately.

After thinking it over and reading between the lines on the article, I suspect that this group really wants to put $500,000 into the facility privately and have the County secure and guarantee the debt to pay the remaining $19.5 million, which they claim can be paid off by user fees. That is a different scenario all together, and one in which I would not support at all. If things head South, the taxpayers will be stuck holding the bag.

I should have known better. If the thing would actually pay for itself, they would be building it now and not screwing around with the county. Pay for yo' own playground, people!


jim adams said...

I agree with you, thanks for the correction.