Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Video star

Ken Ulman appears to have made a youtube enemy. I think that Ulman is a terrible executive, but I have to say that these videos are not very good attacks on Ken. One of the attacks on Ken is because he closed GTV (actually it’s still around but HCC is doing most of the work). I think that eliminating GTV redundancies to save taxpayers something like $500,000 was one of the few good things that Ken has done. The only other good thing that Ulman has done that I can think of at the moment is putting an end to the take home cars for most employees. I like the spirit of this video person, but he or she needs to step up the merits of the criticisms.

I have no way of knowing but it is probably a disgruntled former GTV person producing these videos. I have three reasons to think this: they are videos which are something that GTV people would be very comfortable with; one of the videos mentions the closure of GTV as if it was a bad thing; and the same video mentions lay-offs of county employees which only affected the GTV people. Of course, let me be very clear that these reasons are very lame, and this is really pure speculation. I honestly have no idea at all who is producing these videos. Ken has made a lot of enemies and it could be any of them.


Anonymous said...

The 'anyone but ulman' sounds like a republican line, and the video looks like it was done by an older person or someone without access to higher tech, and the dated video game is something an older person would be more comfortable with.

Also, there are lots more things to say about Ulman; this person seems to be unaware.

It'll be interesting to see where it goes from here.

JessieX said...

My mind says the smoking gun points to someone connected to GTV, too. In any case, I think they're great. Not in that I'm anti-Mr. Ulman, but because I celebrate micro communications wherein people are creative and express their perspective.

My guess? Mr. Ulman would do best to incorporate them in light banter and jokes as part of his public interactions. 'Tis better to laugh with then be laughed at, right?

And jujitsu intelligence can always find a way to take someone else's energy and use it to their own advantage. It's not vampiric (taking another's energy and draining them), but to take the force of an attack and use it for the benefit of the self, well, that's a sophisticated form of intelligence.

Just my thoughts ...