Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A House of Vicodin

The show “House” is one giant argument in support of massive pharmaceutical regulation overhaul. Basically, the show is about a curmudgeon (his irritability is rivaled only by my own) who is a brilliant physician, but he has constant leg pain that he medicates with tremendous amounts of Vicodin. His demeanor is only tolerated due to his uncanny ability to diagnose the most bizarre medical conditions (he once told a patient that he knew she was a gymnast because she had a nice ass, no boobs, and palms like a longshoreman. Nice!) However, without the drugs the leg pain is so intense that he cannot function. On some of the more recent episodes, the long arm of the law is trying to lock up the good Dr. House for taking drugs without a prescription.

Obviously, the show is fictional. But let’s assume that such a scenario existed in real life. Why shouldn’t Dr. House be able to take all pharmaceuticals that he wants as long as patients are comfortable with his abilities? For Christ’s sake, the guy is a doctor- who was licensed by the state to practice medicine. Even the most arrogant politician could not possibly be stupid enough to think that he or she knows more that freaking doctor about medicines. Ultimately, the healthcare options available to patients should only be between their doctors and themselves. Politicians have no business in the medical field.


Anonymous said...

I've been trying to figure out the appeal this show has for me. I dislike crude humor and shows about doctors, and watch no shows like CSI, or ER. This show is different, and I even learned how to use the DVR to capture episodes.

Can't pinpoint the appeal but am very comfortable with the charaters. There's a wide diversity of personalities, all strong characters in at least one area of personality makeup. The patients seem real, no makeup or makeup to make them look sick. Not a lot of blood or gore. Lots of pomposity. Lots of poignant one liners as if the writers are wise beyond their years (no one could have that many years) dealing with guilt, shame, joy, contentment, regrets, apology.

We were talking about this over Thanksgiving. Seems nearly everyone watches.