Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dolphin safe tuna law

What about the tuna, right? The animal murder law proposed by the Ulman administration is not as injudicious and ignorant as the typical fare you can expect from someone who thinks they are smart enough to protect us from ourselves. The only real changes to the current law is that it increases the distance for shots made on the ground to 300 yards (tree stand shots are still allowed at 150 yards) and essentially says that it is a crime to shoot a building while attempting to murder an innocent animal (i.e. it is now a crime to shoot toward a building within the gun’s maximum range). The only practical way this law would ever be enforced is if you actually shot a building.

The measure seeks to double to 300 yards the minimum distance for firing a weapon near a building. The minimum remains 150 yards for those at least 10 feet off the ground in a tree stand and firing downward.

The measure also would ban firing a gun toward any building or camp designed for people within the gun's maximum range, or within 100 yards from a public road.

These changes will have almost no impact to responsible animal murders. In fact, most animal murders will probably be completely unaware of the law after a few years. The threat of lawsuit and a genuine desire not to shoot anyone is still the primary force keeping the public safe. This law, like the current law, is really just a dog and pony show that allows political figures to beat their chests like gorillas and say “Look at me protect the public. Oooga booga. Vote for me.”

The law will not impact responsible animal murders, yet the public will eat it up. Some people, although not me, would call that win-win. I still think that no law is best, even though I am personally against hunting. If you give these pricks an inch to ban 'unpopular social ill X', the next thing you know they ban drugs and certain marriages (among a zillion other things).