Friday, December 26, 2008

Best tech toy of 2008

One of my last posts of 2007 was to give praise to Google Reader. A new year brings new technological goodies. The must have piece of technology that I discovered in 2008 is the iPhone. I got one several months ago, and I am just as impressed with it then as I am now. To call an iPhone a “cell phone” is like calling Santa Claus an old white dude. Technically it’s true, but it leaves out the best parts. In addition to being a good mobile phone with all the standard mobile phone stuff (texting, camera, etc.) it is also has visual voicemail, an iPod, a GPS device, a portable e-mail device, a portable internet device and with all the stuff you can get at the App Store (much of which is free) it is so much more. Plus, it has a really cool touch screen and friendly interface. It’s totally freaking awesome!