Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pot, it's me, Kettle

I get a kick out of how McCain is portraying Obama as a Socialist. Most politicians from both major parties, including McCain, promote policies that have shades of Socialism. I would also like to know how many people that criticize Obama for being a Socialist plan to vote in favor of the slots referendum, which is the very definition of Socialism in that the state owns the means of production.

Obama jokingly said that the McCain campaign found further evidence that Obama was a Socialist because he shared his toys with other children in Kindergarten. The only problem with this joke is that it is not an example of Socialism. This was a free market trade that, presumably, was made voluntarily with the purpose of making Obama and his playmates better off.

One other random ramble- in Maryland, a vote for McCain is wasted because Obama will carry the state very easily. Hell, he will carry the whole election pretty easily. Therefore, if you are not an Obama supporter you should seriously consider voting for a third party candidate if you are not thrilled with McCain. Throw a third party dog a bone.


Anonymous said...

My Corningware has a better sense of humor than you.

Freemarket said...

Your Corningware should start a blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh no. Another anon like me. Yow. How will people tell us apart?

Actually, a third party vote is no joke. That's exactly what I'll be doing because they are the only politicians who actually care about the people.