Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Poinsettia tree is back

As previously reported by Wordbones, the poinsettia tree is back at the mall. I had never seen it without the poinsettias on it, so I did not know that it has its own watering system hooked to the fountain. Each of those white tubes waters a poinsettia. If GGP's stock goes any lower, they will convert the tree frame into hydroponics apparatus and grow some mary jane.


Anonymous said...

Let's talk about the bird man of Columbia, posting in today's patuxent letters.

Cats are massively valuable at controlling rodents and many prefer to be outdoors.

I seriously rile at someone trying to force animals to live unnaturally because their idea of the world is suburbia ALONE.

Anonymous said...

....and further, Bird Man, if you're going to define every living being by the way it died, then they'll need to reserve space for you in a mental hospital.

A cat doesn't have the capacity to project into the future as determined by scientists who found that part of the animal brain completely missing in most cats. so the cat lives minute to minute, day to day, happy as can be OUTSIDE!!

And lastly, birds carry West Nile. That alone doesn't make birds bad any more than cats are bad for catching the occasional bird. But cats much more often are hunting rodents that carry all sorts of disease.

FreeMarket said...

I have several stray cats that showed up at my house. I had them all fixed, and they continue to hang around. I can honestly say that they are as happy as pigs in mud to be outside. I attempted to make the first one to show up an indoor cat, but he wanted none of that.