Friday, November 21, 2008

More absurd government involvement

A gay man has sued eHarmony and forced them to offer dating services to homosexuals as well as heterosexuals. I don’t know why eHarmony would not want to cater to gays without being forced to do so. After all, homosexuals have money that they are willing to spend and I would think that eHarmony would be more than happy to take money from whoever was willing to pay them. Maybe eHarmony has no expertise in matching homosexuals together, and was unwilling to invest in learning how to do so. I am no psychologist, but it seems perfectly plausible to me that whatever works for heterosexuals in a relationship might not work for homosexuals.

Are gay people better off by forcing eHarmony to provide services that eHarmony does not want to provide voluntarily? I doubt it. If it was simply homophobia that was keeping eHarmony out of the market, then why should gays do eHarmony a favor and provide it a larger customer base?

Whatever reason that eHarmony had for restricting its business exclusively to heterosexual clients, it is absurd that someone can sue them and force them to change their business model. Competition should be the only thing that drives what services business offer.


jim adams said...

It's my thought that the next stage, in our country's social development, will be bisexuals sueing both hetero and homosexuals.