Monday, September 1, 2008

The Dock Looks OK

I haven't been down to the bell tower on the Kittamaquandi Lakefront for several months, but CA has done some work since Columbia Compass documented the disrepair that has befallen the dock.

At least most of the major items appear to have been fixed, and nothing that I saw looked unsafe. The large holes that were rotting in the top of the pilings were filled with some sort of wood filler, and there were quite a few new boards and bolts visible in other areas. Generally, the dock is sort of run down looking but it still has some life left in it. Below is a pic showing some of the new boards on the belltower, as well as some Labor Day vibrancy on the shore.

I didn't take any pictures, but it is irritating to see the trash floating around the dock area. There were numerous soda cans and other food containers floating around, and even a chair that appears to have been from the outdoor seating area at Clyde's. Our Country is not a trash can!