Saturday, August 23, 2008

Shackin' Up

This editorial from the Baltimore Sun is ridiculous. The editorial board at the Sun is wringing their hands over the "loophole" that the Pack Shack, an Ellicott City porn shop, used to skirt zoning laws that our fearless leaders in Howard County Government passed to specifically target the Pack Shack. A loophole, of course, is something that is perfectly legal but appears to violate the intent of the law. Every law ever made is subject to loopholes and unintended consequences, which is why it is very dangerous that our politicians pass laws with such reckless abandonment.

Anyway, the loophole in this case is that the Pack Shack was able to dilute their inventory with non-porn items that they store in the basement. Good for them.

The Pack Shack would be out of business tomorrow if no one shopped there. But people do shop there. And those who do not want to shop there are not compelled to go inside. It is highly self-righteous of the Baltimore Sun to wax on about how the Pack Shack is an "embarrassment" to Ellicott City. This is America- live and let live for crying out loud. And for God's sake, mind your own business.


Anonymous said...

When I read about this place, I'm always reminded about what one Pastor told me about this kind of place. All of the other churches in Beltsville were organizing against the adult book store there. He didn't want any part of it. He saw it as his job to make sure members of his congregation didn't frequent it. If nobody went to it, it would close.

Freemarket said...

That pastor has a lot of common sense.