Monday, August 18, 2008

Hate rears its head in Ho Co

Nazis are my least favorite people. Not only do they hate free markets, they generally hate everyone different from themselves. Not a very “live and let live” bunch. I have relatives who fought the Nazis in WWII, one of whom was killed in Italy.

I strongly believe, however, that everyone has the right to free speech. In fact, with many hate groups, the best attack is to let them run their mouths. At no time during their rambling do they approach a coherent thought, and they bring about their own undoing. With that in mind, I want to post below some hate filled comments that were left on this article on Explore Howard. The comments were left over the weekend, no doubt before the IT people could get in the office on Monday and remove them. I am sure the editor of Explore Howard was defecating bricks the size of the Epcot Center in the meantime:

user werwulfss says...

SIEG HEIL! How can I join?

user werwulfss says...

Funny how one jew (Ms. Sigel) is horrified and that supposedly makes all the resident horrified! She's been in Elkridge for 22 years, before that it was a small country town not filled with criminals and non-whites. Diversity might be good for the jewess, but maybe the way Elkridge has changed for the worse has made longtime white residents of Elkridge disgusted! And how come when you see road construction like last week in Elkridge on Montgomery Road, 90% of the workers are Hispanic??? Whites lose their jobs to cheap illegal immigrant labor. WAKE UP WHITE MAN AND FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS!

user werwulfss says...

How come when anything pro-white is distributed, it is labeled as "hate" literature? Is it because only whites can committ "hate crimes"? And if anyone takes 5 minutes to research the slave trade to America, you will find out that Dutch Jews from the Netherlands and Dutch West Indies were responsible for the majority of the slaves being brought to America. And also, take 5 minutes and research the so-called "Holocaust" and you will find out that it is really a Holohoax!

What is amazing about the comments is how illogical and even historically inaccurate they are (the holocaust was a hoax? C’mon.). And I hate to break it this fellow, but early American history as it reflects on the white race is nothing to write home to mom about. We white folks killed about ten million Native Americans.

More to the points of the comments, even if it were the case every single slave was brought to America by a Jewish person, we cannot infer one thing about Jewish people as a whole from that. If we could, then we could draw a similar conclusion about the white buyers of those slaves as well. I could go on and on, but I think the comments speak for themselves.