Sunday, August 24, 2008

Body Worlds

I went to the Maryland Science Center today to see the Body Worlds exhibit. I have been wanting to check this out all summer, but the stars didn't line up until today. All of the people who donated their bodies for this exhibit did so voluntarily in the name of science. The exhibit itself was pretty cool, but the plastination process made the bodies look surprisingly fake.

Some of the poses were a little bit too artsy for me. This is was supposed to be a scientific exhibit, not an art museum or a freak show. But all in all, it was done pretty tastefully.

There was some really wild stuff there. Some of the most interesting for me was:

- lungs from smokers and coal miners
- a man cut into several cross sections lengthwise
- a man cut into about a thousand pieces hanging in an 'exploded view'
- a pregnant woman
- a mechanical valve in a heart
- a fetus in a jar

September 1st is the last day, so if you have not seen it yet and you want to, you need to hustle. If you miss the exhibit, you can always get the book, which is probably more educational anyway.


Anonymous said...

How did the animals sign the release form?