Thursday, July 31, 2008

I predict my demise and rant against the Fair in 3..2..1

Being an animal lover, I am not the biggest fan of the Fair. Most of the animals there are going to be eaten. Plus, the damn swing ride that my wife makes me go on terrifies me. I just know one of these years that I will be flung from the swing into the path of an oncoming tractor trailer on I-70.

But the thing dislike the most about the Fair is how it paints a completely misleading picture of agriculture. Meat does not come from cows, chickens and pigs that spend their days wagging their tails while eating grass in a field. The overwhelming majority of the meat that is consumed in this county and in this country comes from factory farms. The 4-H kids who spend their summers with these animals never get the opportunity to see a factory farm, nor do they get to see the slaughterhouse where their animal is killed. This is dishonest. I love this quote from the President of the Fair Board:

"The main purpose of our organization is to promote agriculture," Day said. "We want to give the youth of today a chance to experience agriculture as it was years ago."

In other words, show the kids a picture of how agriculture was years ago, before factory farms. That way these kids will be mindless consumers of the neatly wrapped packages of meat, which in their minds will have no connection to where the meat actually comes from. Indoctrination complete!


Anonymous said...

And what a sweet and glorious death it would be...

I don't know if I'd feel better or worse about eating meat should the source be from small family farms. Yes, the treatment would be humane, however, is it more traumatic for the animal to develop a bond with their captor, I mean, 4-Her, before being dragged before a crowd, auctioned, and murdered?

It's high time that humans begin to recognize that all animals have feelings - physical and emotional- and to respect all beings. By not eating them.

I wonder how many people are outraged by the story you posted about the two black labs. 99.99% of the people who would be outraged also eat meat. Yet those crimes go unnoticed at best, or rationalized at worst.