Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dude, where's my car?

The fireworks show at the Columbia Lakefront was a good one, despite a little bit of rain leading up to it. I am not saying it was a good use of tax dollars (maybe I will elaborate on this in another post), but the fireworks show itself did not disappoint.

However, like all good fireworks displays it created a traffic nightmare. This is because everyone wants to leave at exactly same time. In years past, I have always parked in the parking garage at the Parkside building, since it has direct access to Little Patuxent Parkway. I have never had any problems getting out, unlike the poor saps who have to sit in the mall parking lot for an hour or more. This year, I decided to park at Wilde Lake Park. I think this is a better place to park, especially if you are heading to Ellicott City or points west, since you can take West Running Brook to 108 and avoid LPP altogether. The walk is a little longer, but an extra 10 minutes of walking can save you an hour sitting in your car as part of the parking disaster at the mall. Another good spot to park would be Running Brook Elementary School, for the same reasons.

Yet another good spot might be the Oakland Mills Village Center, especially if you are heading east of the lakefront after the show. I have never parked there for fireworks, but it is probably a good spot since you can take the bike path to the lakefront. Just bring a flashlight for the walk back.

Where are some other good fireworks-friendly parking spots?


jim-adams said...

F.M. I believe most of my friends would tell you, I am a generous individual, who cares about the welfare of others, but your pushing it. What motivation is there for me to tell where a good fireworks-friendly parking spot is located, unless I never plan to go to the Columbia Lakefront fireworks.

There is a fantastic resturant in the Mall that few people know about, and I am not going to mention it's name either.

Guess you have uncovered a character flaw within me, but I know in a few hours my car will be in a rather uncrowded spot, and I will be eating a great meal in a rather uncrowded restaurant.

Unlike you, I don't have a wife, a garden, a still, or a bee hive, and I bet my drive way is shorter than yours so I guard what precious little I do have.

Your silent friend,Jim