Monday, June 30, 2008

Stupid quote

This is one of the most moronic things I have read in the Baltimore Sun:

"Pornography is a major destroyer of marriages in Howard County." ~ Allen Harris, senior pastor of Columbia Presbyterian Church
Think what you want about pornography, but to say it is a "major destroyer of marriages"? Get real.

If you read the article, you might be pleased to know that Howard County had to reimburse $187,690 worth of legal fees to a porn shop over a zoning law that was unconstitutional. Interestingly enough, no one even knows who owns the porn shop. Who on Earth would spend nearly $200,000 in legal fees to fight a County with a budget in excess of $1.5 Billion? It worked out in their favor, but that took major guts.


Anonymous said...

That was the biggest hijacking of zoning laws ever- remisicent of when Courtney Watson changed zoning in Elkridge to put the kibosh on a duplex development.

The county didn't like Pack Shack ONCE IT MOVED IN and passed retroactive legislation to force it out.

Porn- helping marriages since 1969.

jim adams said...

F.M you are posting a lot of interesting stuff, I am going to have to take a break from the web, just so I can stay in touch with the real world, if there is such a thing.

I have no proof, but I find it easy to agree with you. Pornography is not a major destroyer of marriages.

But I believe that short of having an affair, Porn is the next best way to show disrespect to your marriage partner.

I believe the biggest reason that marriages don't work is because couples don't know how to communicate with each other.

My wife passed away a few years ago, and one of the things I really miss is having someone who understands me, someone to share with even if it is just about what has happen during the day.

It is my belief that our ability to talk, to understand each other, and boy it could be tough at times, was the reason we stayed happily married for 38 years.

Hearing about the reimbursement, makes me think about going to law school and after graduation open a chain of porn shopes in Howard Co. Ten stores after taxes, 1,000,000.00.

Do you realize that talking about it has increased newspaper sales, porn sales, special interest groups demands to spend more money. Isn't it great to see the free market work so well.

Anonymous said...

I found the source of FreeMarket's prolific posting - it's on local Hedgehog's site where a barrage of right-wingers were circling wagons on the gay marriage issue on June 27.

Keep posting! Not that I usually agree with you, but people need to talk and read opposing viewpoints to get all the facts. Hopefully readers can discern facts even when opposition looks right past.

Regarding porn, Anon 7:37 may have a healthier approach but in fact, this preacher has likely seen the abuse of the porn and most anything in the extreme will cause damage, particularly something so personal in a relationship.

Regarding that adult store, we should test all of you crying 'nimbyism' toward the car lot citizens by supplanting a similar store next to your houses.

And let's add a liquor store for good measure. Maybe some slots. And a GUN store. ;)

jim adams said...

Marriage is hard work.Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. That's why I took a lot of vacations with my girlfriends.

Someone mentioned guns! I want to say, in a pinch, a 22-calibar pistol makes an excellant TV remote control But you can only use it once.

jim adams said...

Oop's Elvis is getting me in trouble. I didn't post the above, he did.

Elvis said...

just another "stupid quote"

jim adams said...

Anon 7:46

Have you ever hear about the creation of Caesar Salad? For those who have not, it goes something like this.

Late one night as one of the classier eating establishments was about to close, some one of great importance walked with a group of people. They all expected to be servered.

Now if you have a business, you know you have to make the impossible , the possible.

The owner was out of steak, fish, all the main dishes on the menu. What was he to do?

He gathered what he had, he cut it up, used some cheese, and few other things, and served it as if it was the special of the night, and made just for the special group of people at the table.

It was a sucess, the word spread, and he was to become one of the best chefs, and his restaurant one of the best in town, and his Caeasr Salad, would be know thur out the world

There is nothing new under the Sun, as the ancient Greeks knew, but as any great Chef will tell you it is all in the Presentation.

I agree with you, Free Market, "keep posting!"

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the story of the Cobb Salad?

jim adams said...

Not any more.

jim adams said...

There are many stories of the salad's creation, but normally Caesar Casdine an Italian-born Mexian is given credit for inventing it on July 4, 1924, after a holiday rush had nearly depleted all the food items in the restaurant.

p.s. just between you and I, it was my invention, but I am a little to humble to let the world know.

Anonymous said...

Anon (7:46 a.m.),

Your arguments are specious, but we understand.
I'd rather have a tattoo parlor, liquor store, and porn store next to my house than have YOUR house next to mine. At least the owners of those businesses understand what the constitution is.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:11:

Get a grip. The Constitution is on my kitchen table at all times and is the Preamble is in my office. I know whereof I speak.

Freemarket said...

Anon 7:46's comment is a bit of a red herring anyway because the shop is not next to houses. It is in a commercial area right off Rt. 40, next to a gas station. Not that I have been there, of course...

jim adams said...

Is it true that no one knows who owns the porn shop??? I think some one does know.

If that is true, it could be the Achille's heel.

It has taken money and brains to keep the business there. Maybe the owner is too embrassed, or ashamed to own up? He or she could be one of those pillar of the community types.

I bet the owner's name in a couple newspapers would do the trick.

Caesar Herring said...

For some of you this may be logical, but I feel it is important to pass this information along.

Red herring is not normally considered one of the ingrediants in a good Caesar salad.

Of course for those who want to push the issue, I think you should consider naming your salad.
May I recommend, Red Casear Salad, or Caesar Herring Salad.

Just having fun, as I hope you do on this Fourth of July.