Monday, May 12, 2008

You know you want it

It must be really easy to spend money that is not yours. Ken Ulman wants to spend $3 million on new recycling bins. Not everyone agrees:

[Greg] Fox said there were a “lot of other good uses” for that $3 million, such as investing in future employee benefits.

Here is another idea: don't spend it! I wish Ulman and the council weren't so "generous" with money that is not theirs to be generous with. If I want a recycling bin, I will go buy one myself. I sure as hell don't need anyone to buy one for me without asking if I want one, and then send me the bill.


jim adams said...

F.M allow me to teach you a thing or two about politics.

Under your plan "don't spend it".
F.M. wins No votes because no one knows what you did. That is why you are not in office.

Under the Fox plan, Fox wins hundreds of votes, because he has impacted more than a thousand people. But that is why he is only on the County Council.

Under the Ulman plan, the whole county is impacted, so Ulman wins thousands of votes. That is why he is the real political winner.

F.M. stop trying to be such a tight wad with other people's money. Being a responsible person who honestly cares about other people is something we teach children, it is not a trait we expect in mature political individuals.